Twister with quick release device for HYJET Rinser

HYSEKAM - Cans Technology

Block Rinser

With the Block Rinser, an integrated format setting within the inlet head and the rinsing channel means that the entire inlet and outlet heads do not have to be converted. For the different can dimensions, the height can be adjusted either semi-automatically using the hand wheel or fully automatically. The diameter can be adjusted pneumatically. The Block Rinser is built on a modular principle and the standard incline is 28 °. The empty cans inside the Block Rinser can be cleaned using water (HYJET) or air (HYJET).

Technical data about the Block Rinser

  • High cleaning performance with up to 120,000 products per hour
  • Designed as a modular principle for easy integration
  • Easy to clean, hygienic design
  • Easy access along the entire length of the channel is possible thanks to the hinged PETG or stainless-steel hoods
  • Can be used for beverage cans with the usual dimensions; the height adjustment can either be semi-automatic or fully automatic and the diameter adjustment pneumatic.
  • Other options for a HYJET Water Rinser: Use of additional cleaning media (hot water or steam), integration of water reuse (tank) and "clean in place" piping.
  • Expansion of the standard HYION Air Rinser possible with a blowout (second blowout zone).
  • Rope and chain transports can be used as compatible transport systems.
  • Applicable in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.