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HYAERO Vacuum Rinser

With the HYAERO vacuum rinser cans are sucked into the perforated modular chain through a vacuum generated in the rinser and are then cleaned with water or ionized air after a 180° turn around the rinser. The HYAERO vacuum rinser has a modular set up with a predefined entry- and run out, as well as variable segments. The advantage of the HYAERO vacuum rinser is, that due to the own generated vacuum all common cans can be handled without any modification and extra modification times.

Integration of HYAERO vacuum rinser into existing production lines

The HYAERO vacuum rinser can be integrated into existing horizontal production lines and stands on feed. The HYAERO can handle all common empty can formats.

The development of the HYAERO vacuum rinsers is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Technical data of our HYAERO vacuum rinser
  • Capacity up to 60.000 cans per hour (excluding power reserve)
  • Conveying height 1200 mm
  • Entry- and run out of 1800 mm
Advantages of the HYEARO compared to the classical rinser:
  • No risk of can damage as cans are set on the vacuum right after the entry-transfer station and are transported on the vacuum till the run-out transfer station
  • System can be integrated easily into the transportation control
  • Production can run with gaps
  • Many formats can be handled without mechanical parts and due to this there are no costs for a new format
  • No impact on different can lacquers as there is no mechanical friction