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HYROPE Rope Conveyor

The HYROPE ROPE Conveyor can be used to convey empty cans between a depalletizer and a rinser. The rope conveyor is a proven in practice transport system in a transport modular set up set on a stainless-steel base.

HYROPE Rope Conveyor: flexible & universal for every project

The HYROPE is flexible and universal for every project and can be set up in great height. The conveyor conveys beverage and food cans in all common sizes made of aluminum, tin and plastic.

Technical data of our HYROPE Rope Conveyor
  • Most favorable conveying technology
  • Long distances with one drive (approx. 100 m)
  • Curves available
  • Up to 120.000 products / h
  • Suitable for all standard cans
  • Pneumatical adjustable side guides
  • Available for various can diameters
  • Catch-up controls for e.g. touchless, continuous conveying with given product gap
  • Can diameter: 53 to 86 mm
  • Can height: 88 to 205 mm
  • Own gear with a frequency-controlled SEW energy saving gear