Twister with quick release device for HYJET Rinser


The HYSEKAM CANS TECHNOLOGY product line contains - as the name implies - one of the core competences of the company H. F. Meyer Maschinenbau: the cans technology. HYSEKAM CANS TECHNOLOGY includes all products that are suitable for handling, ie. dealing with twisting, cleaning, conveying, etc. of cans. In this area, the mechanical engineering company is a leading and qualified partner in the food and beverage industry. HYSEKAM CANS TECHNOLOGY stands for constant innovation at the machine manufacturer. The latest project is the HYAERO vacuum rinser. Thanks to funding from the Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi), it was possible to work on a completely new conveyor system for cans with vacuum. And the HYTWIST twisting unit was also developed as part of a project for more efficient plant utilization and is successfully used by customers.

HYEKAM CANS TECHNOLOGY as a very good entry for new customers

HYSEKAM CANS TECHNOLOGY also offers a good start for new customers. Those who work with cans also have to twist them - and exactly in this field, H. F. Meyer Maschinenbau is the leader. In addition to twisting and cleaning, HYSEKAM CANS TECHNOLOGY also stands for the conveying of cans. With the HYTRANS vacuum bridge the cans can be transported across gaps, the HYROPE offers a rope-supported transport of the cans and the HYFLEX can twister twists the cans fully automatically. If you do not prefer rotary baskets, but prefer a rigid system, HYTWIST product twisters are at your disposal.


Find below more information about the individual products we offer as a mechanical engineering company and feel free to contact us or our sales colleagues if you have any further questions.


HYTRANS Vacuum Bridge: HYSEKAM Dosentechnik product

HYTRANS Vacuum Bridge

The HYTRANS Vacuum Bridge is a fully automated multitrack can converter to discharge lying and strongly deformed cans.

HYVAC Vacuum Conveyor

HYVAC Vacuum Conveyor

The HYVAC Vacuum Conveyor is a fully automatic vacuum belt for empty can inspection. It is thus checked whether something is in the empty can.

HYWHEEL Vacuum Coding Star

HYWHEEL Vacuum Coding Star

The Single-track HYWHEEL Vacuum Coding Star creates a lateral vacuum through small suction systems and can thus "lift" the can out of the conveyor belt. It is ensured that the cans float in the air next to the conveyor belt during this process step, which means that they can be lasered or printed from below.

Twister with quick release device for HYJET Rinser

HYJET Rinser

The HYJET Rinser sets hygiene first. The HYJET Rinser is a proven in practice system out of stainless steel and a flexible modular set up and is universally usable for all media like cold water, ionized air, disinfection or with another filling product.

HYAERO Vacuum Rinser: HYSEKAM Dosentechnik product

HYAERO Vacuum Rinser

With the HYAERO vacuum rinser cans are sucked to the perforated modular chain through a vacuum generated in the rinser and are cleaned with water or ionized air after a 180° turn around the rinser.

HYFLEX Twister: Product of the HYSEKAM Dosentechnik

HYFLEX Twister

The HYFLEX Twister is a proven in practice system with a flexible modular set up out of stainless steel. The HYFLEX is easy to handle and offers a large flexibility for conversion and maintenance times.

HYTWIST Product Twister: HYSEKAM Dosentechnik

HYTWIST Product Twister

The HYTWIST Product Twister can be used for the 180° turn of full and closed beverage cans and be integrated as single or multiple line insertion into existing conveyor belts.

HYTWIST Twisting Unit: Product of the HYSEKAM Dosentechnik

HYTWIST Twisting Unit

The HYTWIST twisting unit turns full cans and can handle two different can formats through a manual switch.

HYROPE Rope Conveyor: Product of the HYSEKAM Dosentechnik

HYROPE Rope Conveyor

The HYROPE ROPE Conveyor can be used to convey empty cans between a depalletizer and a rinser.

HYSTERIL Head Space Sterilizer (Glass Bottles)

HYSTERIL Head Space Sterilizer (Glass Bottles)

Our HYSTERIL Head Space Sterilizer is used for the rotation of filled reusable and disposable bottles to disinfect the head space of the bottles. The headroom sterilizer impresses with its modular system in stainless steel, which offers the possibility of a sterilization length depending on the product.