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HYTRANS Mass Vacuum Bridge

The HYTRANS Mass Vacuum Bridge is a fully automatic multitrack can converter for can ejection of lying or heavily deformed cans. Depending on customer requirements, the can is ejected via a can slide or via a chute. The vacuum bridge is a tried-and-tested system made of stainless steel in a flexible modular design, which uses a blower to create a vacuum in order to suck up empty beverage cans and to transport them further.

Technical Data for the Mass Vacuum Bridge

  • Versions with 4-lane, 6-lane, 8-lane and 10-lane feed dog
  • Easy to clean, hygienic design
  • Closed high-performance vacuum unit, lined to reduce noise
  • In the vacuum bridge there is a circumferential mat chain with holes, an automatic gravity chain tensioner and a chain tension indicator
  • Gentle can transfer from the infeed conveyor to the vacuum conveyor via adjustable knife edge
  • Height adjustment manually via hand wheel or automatically via gear unit; Reproducible setting values via counter (in mm) guaranteed
  • Integrated filter unit: coarse filter / filter class G4, fine filter / filter class F5 / M5
  • Exhaust air disposal on the non-operator side
  • Infeed and outfeed conveyors via straight mat chains e.g. Make Emerson, NOSE-BAR pitch 12.7 mm or straight mat chain make RMCC, NOSE OVER pitch 15 mm
  • Belt drives on the inlet and outlet side: standard energy-efficient SEW MOVIGEAR® drives or Danfoss OGD (depending on customer requirements)
  • Modular modular system in stainless steel
  • Applicable in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries