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HYTRANS Vacuum Bridge

The HYTRANS Vacuum Bridge is a fully automated multitrack can converter to discharge lying and strongly deformed cans. The can get discharged through a can slider at the side of the plant. The vacuum bridge is a proven in practice system out of stainless steel and a flexible modular set up, which generates a vacuum with a fan to pull up empty cans and further convey them.

The advantages of the HYTRANS are the simple handling and the large flexibility for conversion and maintenance times. In addition, the HYTRANS Vacuum Bridge can be integrated into exiting production lines. The centrally adjustable height adjustment of the vacuum conveyor enables the handling of different empty can formats and sizes out of steel, aluminum and plastic in the cosmetics, pharma and food industry.

Technical data
  • Manually by handwheel, automatic by actuator and counter for repeatable and reproducible settings
  • Integrated filters: coarse filter G4, fine filter F5/M5
  • Automatic chain tensioner with indicator
  • Sound insulation within the whole vacuum unit
  • High performance vacuum fan in combination with repair switch and large maintenance door
  • Executions: 4-lanes, 6-lanes, 8-lanes and 10-lanes
  • Exhaust air discharge at the non operation side
  • Conveyor chains: Straight mat chain: Emerson, NOSE-BAR pitch 12,7 mm or straight mat chain: RMCC, NOSE OVER pitch 15 mm
  • Gears: energy-efficient SEW MOVIEGEAR® gears or Danfoss VLT® OneGearDrives
  • Capacity range: 0,15 l to 1,0 l