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HYVAC Vacuum Conveyor

The HYVAC Vacuum Conveyor is a fully automatic vacuum belt for empty can inspection. It is thus checked whether something is in the empty can. If it is determined during the inspection that an object or the like is in the can, the can is discharged by a machine integrated in the HYVAC before further processing. The HYVAC Vacuum Conveyor is constructed as a modular system in stainless steel and is used in most process chains after the HYTRANS Vacuum Bridge for can coding.

Advantages of the Vacuum Conveyor

The Vacuum Conveyor is a closed high-performance vacuum unit, which can be used for the inspection of empty cans of all usual can sizes and types made of steel, aluminum and plastic from the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industry, thanks to a flexible height adjustment.

Technical Data of the Vacuum Conveyor

  • Closed high-performance vacuum unit
  • Easy to clean, hygienic design
  • There is a mat chain with vacuum holes in the vacuum belt
  • Processing of beverage cans in all common dimensions (larger volumes on request)
  • Modular system in stainless steel
  • Applicable in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries