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HYWHEEL Vacuum Coding Star

The Single-track HYWHEEL Vacuum Coding Star creates a lateral vacuum through small suction systems and can thus "lift" the can out of the conveyor belt. It is ensured that the cans float in the air next to the conveyor belt during this process step, which means that they can be lasered or printed from below. The coding star is carried out in the optimal processing process together with the Single-track Vacuum Conveyor.

Advantages of the Vacuum Coding Star

The Vacuum Coding Star was specially developed for retrofitting and can be easily implemented in any existing production chain. Its 100% self-sufficient system also ensures that there is no vibration transmission. Thanks to an adaptable height adjustment, all common beverage cans made of steel, aluminum and plastic can be processed. The coding star is suitable for processing cans from cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Technical data for the Vacuum Coding Star

  • Processing of all common can sizes and types made of steel, aluminum and plastic
  • Designed for execution with a 1-lane feed conveyor
  • Developed for retrofitting
  • Food-safe design - easy to clean, hygienic design
  • Has a 100% self-sufficient system and thus prevents vibration transmission
  • Modular system
  • Applicable in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries