HFM Sondermaschinenbau: Chain drive for a palletizer

HFM Special Engineering


The necksterilizer is a fully automated head room sterilizer for hot and cold sterilization. The necksterilizer is a proven in practice system made of stainless steel with a flexible modular set up Made in Germany. The necksterilizer has a closed and noise reduced cover, automated water supply with demand limitation and drain valve as well a closed drip zone.

Rewards of our Necksterilizer

The rewards of the product are the simple handling and the large flexibility for conversion and maintenance times. The advantages of the necksterilizer are the product specific sterilization length and time for every necksterilizer grade, the bottom cooling (Nitro-hot fill if necessary), integrated safety design over the whole machine length as well as an integrated chain tensioner, -cooling and -cleaning. The necksterilizer is flexible in neck sterilization time, bottle tilt and capacity and works for all common glass and plastic containers in the food and beverage industry.

Technical data of our Necksterilizer
  • Container diameter: 50 to 150 mm
  • Container height: 100 mm to 300 mm
  • Gears: energy-efficient SEW MOVIEGEAR® gears
  • Central drive for the sterilization chain
  • Continuous adjustment of the sterilization chain for a harmonic twisting process
  • Extremely gentle conveying of products through special chains
  • Direct stop of the chains in case of opening a door
  • Safety light barriers over the whole machine length on the operation side
  • Function: Container entry
    • Entry chain for conveyor and container bottom support for the turn
    • Container turn of 90° out of the stand into the lying sterilization position
    • Turn through synchronous and continuous turning of the turn chain and the sterilization chain, which are running squared to each other
    • Sterilization chain for container hand over in the sterilization zone
  • Function: Container run-out
    • Turn back through synchronous and continuous turning of the sterilization chain and the turn chain, which are running squared in the turn back zone
    • Container turn back by 90° out of the lying sterilization position into the standing run-out position
    • Run-out chain for container bottom support for the turn back and the run-out
    • Sterilization chain for the handover out of the sterilization zone