Cross-Flow Filtration
Cross-Flow Filtration
HFM Filtration

Cross-Flow Filtration

The ceramic membrane ensures effective filter performance, which has a positive effect on the overall performance and efficiency of the machines. Due to the high flow velocities, a filter cake formed by solid particles to be separated is avoided on the membrane.
A cyclically coordinated backwashing motion effectively optimizes the result of the service life.

– Patented system
– Automatic thermal, chemical cleaning

Technical specifications

  • Chemical resistance pH 0-14
  • Automatic CiP basic and acidic
  • High temperature resistance max. 90 ° C
  • Regenerability of the membranes
  • Siemens control
  • Areas of application: printing industry, textile industry, automotive, food industry


  • Surface skimmer
  • Expandable modules
  • VPN

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