Bead Lubricator with Nozzle
Bead Lubricator with Nozzle
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Bead Lubricator with Nozzle

The Bead Lubricator with Nozzle is used to wet the bead with lubricant. It does not apply the agent to the tire bead using a roller or brush, as is conventional, but rather using a nozzle. As a result, the agent is applied evenly and sparingly, the machine is not contaminated by excess agent and the wetting agent is almost 100% used. The machine is available as a stand-alone or can be retrofitted to existing conveyor technology. This type can also be equipped with a barcode scanner.

Technical Data

  • For finished tires from 12 “to 18” inner diameter (standard
  • Versions for trucks and large commercial vehicles available
  • Mixed operation
  • Wetting time approx. 10-14 seconds / tire (tire-dependent)
  • Can be expanded with a barcode scanner
  • Control in PLC technology

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