EUROPAC Packaging Technology


The MULTITULP is a patented cross-container vacuum combi tulip developed by RST that revolutionizes packing, unpacking and repacking when changing containers. It is able to securely hold and place a wide variety of glass and PET bottles. The MULTITULP is a rationalization solution for frequent bottle and container changes, as it saves time when converting to other tulip sizes and buying them, as well as additional gripper heads and gripper magazines. The MULTITULP has the advantage that only one tulip is required for all common beer, wine and spirits bottles without embossed seals and coats of arms in the gripper area.

This universal gripper tulip from our own production has been in continuous use for years, for example at the Mohrenbrauerei in Dornbirn and the Maisel brewery in Bayreuth.

Andreas Meisetschläger

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