Robot Systems
Robot Systems
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Robot Systems

The Robot Systems are the perfect handling solution because they are highly flexible and expandable. As a long-standing KUKA system partner, we are the specialist for packing and palletizing tasks with flexibly programmable KUKA high-tech handling robots. The robot systems specialize in a large variety of items, high quantity specifications, different packing schemes and a wide variety of packaging forms. The automation solutions with KUKA robots set standards worldwide. Thanks to their high productivity, reliability and flexibility in processing a wide variety of containers and packs under variable production conditions, packing, palletizing and depalletizing systems using robots are uncompromisingly safe investments. The unique hygienic configuration of the KUKA robots with the easy-to-clean, sterile surfaces – such as washdown robots or robots in stainless steel – are the first choice for food processing. The RST-KUKA robots, sensors and software impress with the versatility of their possible applications.

Different Areas of Application of the Robot System

The Robot Systems can be used in the beverage and food industry, the construction and automotive industry, the glass and porcelain industry, as well as wherever, in contrast to conventional systems, maximum flexibility and expandability are required. The wide processing range of containers in connection with our standard and special grippers predestine the robot systems for efficient handling in all performance areas: for every container size from bottles, cups and cans to water gallons.

Technical Data of the Robot Systems

  • Special hygienic designs for the food and beverage industry
  • Flexible adaptation to changing processes and seasonal fluctuations in output
  • Short cycle times thanks to high access speeds
  • Compact thanks to integrated sensors and measuring systems for complex work processes
  • Highest repeat accuracy and precision in continuous operation
  • Simple new and reprogramming of the robot system
  • Product and customer-specific gripper solutions

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