EUROPAC Portal Palletizing System
Palletizing Technology

EUROPAC Portal-Palletizing System

The EUROPAC loading and depalletizing systems in portal technology are tailor-made solutions for the beverage, food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to the stable and vibration-free welded construction, the EUROPAC loading and depalletizing systems are very durable. In combination with the standard and special grippers, we offer all performance classes in depalletizing and palletizing as well as clearing containers.

Advanatge of our Portal Systems

The advantage of the EUROPAC palletizing and depalletizing systems is the multifunctionality of the palletizing systems in the smallest of spaces. Thanks to the rational and functional modular construction, it is possible to load and depalletize, clear and intelligently link it with the PALCHECK pallet control and control all work steps precisely. The EUROPAC portal systems are designed for the highest loads and a long service life. Conversions and upgrades can be carried out at any time without any problems. From consulting and project planning, construction, production and assembly, control cabinet construction and programming, system integration and after-sales service, everything is supplied from a single source.

Technical Data of our Portal Palletizing Systems

  • The latest functional and flexible handling technology
  • User-friendly thanks to the touch panel with intuitive operator guidance
  • Professional, dynamic hoist for X, Y and Z axes
  • Roller bearing carriage with direct drive, hardened guide rails and drive wheels
  • The latest drive and control technology
  • Minimized energy consumption through the use of high quality energy saving components
  • Pre-programmable type and packing scheme selection
  • All gripper types can be used
  • Drives and controls using commercially available quality components
  • Frequency-controlled pallet and box tracks
  • All types of transport tracks and pallet stack versions are possible

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