Gripper Technology
Gripper Technology
EUROPAC Palletizing Technology

Gripper Technology

As a long-standing specialist in innovative gripper heads, the gripper range includes all systems that are used in the beverage and food industry, in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector, and in chemistry. The outstanding properties of the gripper systems are gentle container handling, grip and cycle security as well as reliability in continuous use. Regardless of whether it is a standard gripper, highly complex special gripper with a draft device or vacuum gripper for sensitive stacked products – every gripper is a quality product “Made in Germany”. Global market leaders from the food and beverage industry also use this technology.

Jaw Gripper (Complete Layers)

The clamping jaw gripper is suitable for loading and depalletizing complete layers of disposable and returnable containers.

Adjustable Clamping Jaws Gripper

KEG gripper

This gripper is intended for palletizing and depalletizing KEG barrels (20-50 liter barrels as well as slim KEG).

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