RST Robotertechnik: Palletizing plant for Rothaus


Complete system

The RST complete systems are the perfect solution for the beverage, food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The concept of the RST EUROPAC packaging and palletizing technology based on the one hand on flexibility and robustness of RST EUROPAC portal systems and on the other hand on the multifunctionality of robot-based systems. Both systems are used for the complete systems – either single or both depending on the client requirements. Each system has its advantages in handling, so that if offers the best solution for every requirement. For the complete systems you have for project planning, construction, machine and system manufacturing, programming, drive set up, assembling and maintenance only one contact person and get all services out of one hand.


Staatsbrauerei Rothaus
2013 we planned and realized a complete de- and palletizing system with subsequent pack, unpack and repack station in our own portal technology for the Staatsbrauerei Rothaus.

  1. Repacking of full products from 24- to 10-boxes
  2. Repacking of empty products from 10- to 24 boxes
  3. Put down or collect surplus bottles in drivable bundling frames
Technical data
  • Modern MST technology for all system components, drives, industry robots and controls
  • Quality components of leading supplier
  • Long-term functionality
  • Problem-free spare part service
  • Consideration of special wishes, when it comes to the selection of component suppliers