RST Robotertechnik: Palletizing plant for Rothaus

Portal pack, unpack, repack

The RST EUROPAC II comes with two or more grippers and is suitable for medium and high performance levels of packing, unpacking and repacking. The economic specialist for packing, unpacking and repacking is ideal for medium breweries, dairies and bottlers for wine, alcohol, soft drinks and water as well as pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical containers. The compact set up enables the later integration into existing plants. The EUROPAC II makes sure that modifications and upgrades can be done whenever needed. Due to the possibility to use RST MULTITULPs instead of common long-standing tulips, changeover can be minimized and gripper magazines are redundant. The EUROPAC II can handle containers made of glass and PET, glasses, cans, cups and chemical containers, bundles like plastic and wooden boxes, cartons like trays, six and four packs, wrapping paper, etc.

Technical data
  • Capacity up to 80.000 container / hour (depends on container and gripper head number)
  • Compact and space saving for new plants and plant modernization
  • Suitable for all mechanical and vacuum based gripper types
  • Standard gripper head adjustable on two levels
  • Professional and dynamic lifting gear
  • Long-standing toothed belt drive of carriage
  • Energy-saving precision SEW drive components
  • Adjustable centering frame (motoric and pre-programmed adjustable optional)
  • Rationalization solution by RST MULTITULP
  • Drive and control through standard quality components
  • Maximum safety due to totally closed hygienic design
  • Simple and intuitive handling through a stationary or mobile touch panel