RST Robotertechnik: Palletizing plant for Rothaus


The RST EUROPAC III is a multi talent to pack, unpack, repack and sort. The multi functionality of this packaging system is guaranteed due to the use of special grippers and the universal RST MULTITULP, which can safely grip all common bottles in the beverage industry without a complex tulip change. Due to the perfect combination of intelligent control, a patent gripper with individual default constellation and RST EUROTULP tulips breweries, dairies as well as bottlers for wine, alcohol and soft drinks can react fast on new market trends (e.g. new container types and designs, optimized wrappings) and requirements from the marketing team. A completely new, fast and proven in practice handling of common bottles types, incl. swing-top and PET bottles can be guaranteed. This system fulfills all client requirements – either full bottler in beverage boxes, special fillings in cartons or the filling of six and four packs as well as the packing into pinole boxes.

Example of a EUROPAC-III system at Brauerei Maisel in Bayreuth without gripper and tulip change.

  1. Packaging of 0,5-Euro-, Swinging top and long neck bottles plus 0,33-ml long neck bottles in boxes and cartons
  2. Packaging of bottles in six packs
  3. Packaging of four packs in modular boxes and bottles in four packs