RST Robotertechnik: Palletizing plant for Rothaus


RST Pallet control station (Pallet Twister)

The RST pallet control station PALCHECK fully-automatic controls empty pallets, if they are intact, as a stand-alone station or integrated in the production line. Testing rolls can safely recognize broken or missing bottom boards and protruding parts, which can be withdrawn, further conveyed or staked in the pallet magazine in the following pallet turning station. All scans work pneumatically and can be sensible adjusted at a control panel. As an addition delivery program there is a pallet turning station and a pallet stake magazine.

Contact us if you have any questions about our control station or our pallet twister

If you have any questions about our RST pallet control station or our pallet twister, you are welcome to contact us. Our expert sales team will be pleased to advise you personally and individually!

Technical data of our pallet twister

  • Cleaning by brush
  • Block control
  • Deck board control
  • Running board control
  • optional: roller for folding nails
  • Pallet tilting device
  • Dust and dirt suction device