HFM Sondermaschinenbau: Chain drive for a palletizer

HFM-Special Engineering

Special equipment

As already mentioned in the product overview, experience from the past decades shows that H. F. Meyer Maschinenbau is not a mechanical engineering company offering standard products, rather almost every product is individually designed and adapted to the customer's requirements. If you want to buy a machine from the mechanical engineering company H. F. Meyer Maschinenbau, you will receive an individual and custom-made solution that is tailored exactly to meet the challenges of each customer.

Individual and tailor-made: the special equipment from HFM SPECIAL ENGINEERING

And this special feature is particularly evident in the HFM Sondermaschinenbau product line "special equipment". Many of these products have been specially developed by H. F. Meyer Maschinenbau after customers have searched for solutions for this area. Now these products from the field of conveyor technology can be used directly by the customer - such as the slug, star or magnetic wheel - or can be adapted to the local conditions, such as the paternoster, spiral conveyor or turntable.

Our high quality special equipment products

See below for more about the individual products that we offer as a special engineering company and feel free to contact us or our sales colleagues if you have any further questions.


Turn table: Product from HFM Sondermaschinenbau

Turn table

The turn table is suitable for nearly all products and can be integrated for separation or as a buffer into existing production lines.

Empty palette stacker

Empty palette stacker

The empty palette stacker is suitable for all palettes and can be used as buffer.

Magnet wheel: Product from HFM Sondermaschinenbau

Magnet wheel

The magnet wheel is a development of the H. F. Meyer Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG.

Paternoster: Product from HFM Sondermaschinenbau


The paternoster is suitable for trays, boxes and other containers and is individual adjustable in height.

Slug / Stars: HFM Sondermaschinenbau product

Slug / Stars

The slug or the stars are suitable for all cylindric products.

Spiral conveyor: HFM Sondermaschinenbau product

Spiral conveyor

The spiral conveyor is suitable in the bakery industry as a cooling section for freshly baked bread between the oven and the packaging.

Vacuum single transport: HFM Sondermaschinenbau Produkt

Vacuum single transport

The vacuum single transport can be integrated into existing production lines and conveys cans individually over gaps between a conveyor and a coder.