HFM Sondermaschinenbau: Chain drive for a palletizer


Special equipment

Turn table: Product from HFM Sondermaschinenbau

Turn table

The turn table is suitable for nearly all products and can be integrated for separation or as a buffer into existing production lines.

Empty palette stacker

Empty palette stacker

The empty palette stacker is suitable for all palettes and can be used as buffer.

Magnet wheel: Product from HFM Sondermaschinenbau

Magnet wheel

The magnet wheel is a development of the H. F. Meyer Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG.

Paternoster: Product from HFM Sondermaschinenbau


The paternoster is suitable for trays, boxes and other containers and is individual adjustable in height.

Slug / Stars: HFM Sondermaschinenbau product

Slug / Stars

The slug or the stars are suitable for all cylindric products.

Spiral conveyor: HFM Sondermaschinenbau product

Spiral conveyor

The spiral conveyor is suitable in the bakery industry as a cooling section for freshly baked bread between the oven and the packaging.

Vacuum single transport: HFM Sondermaschinenbau Produkt

Vacuum single transport

The vacuum single transport can be integrated into existing production lines and conveys cans individually over gaps between a conveyor and a coder.