HFM Sondermaschinenbau: Chain drive for a palletizer


Vacuum depalletizer

The vacuum depalletizer depalletizes with a vacuum technology. The special function of the vacuum depalletizer is that the depalletizer can automatically sort out deformed or damaged cans or bottles / glasses while lifting through the self-made vacuum. The vacuum depalletizer offers a zero-pressure separation and conveying of cans and bottles / glasses. The modular and flexible set up guarantees that the level of automatization can be suited to the customers need. The vacuum depalletizer is suitable for low and middle capacities up to 50.000 containers / h

Depalletizer with modular and flexible design

The vacuum depalletizer is suitable for low and medium capacities (up to approx. 50,000 containers / hour). Due to the modular and flexible design, the degree of automation can be adapted to the customer's requirements.

Technical data of our vacuum depalletizer

  • Depalletizer with PLC control