Meyer goes green

H. F. Meyer Mechanical Engineering GmbH & Co. KG faces up to its responsibility in the area of ​​sustainability. Therefore, H. F. Meyer is constantly in the process of revising the work processes in the company and also developing machines for and with the area of ​​sustainability in his core competence. In a process-oriented manner, environmental protection has been increasingly included in quality management. Environmental protection management is lived at H. F. Meyer!

H. F. Meyer Mechanical Engineering Nord has been using 100% green electricity exclusively for years. On the roofs of the various company buildings, photovoltaic systems generate electricity from renewable energies in a self-sufficient and environmentally friendly manner. And: Only half of the electricity produced is used internally, the remaining 50% is fed into the regional electricity grid.

In the focus on machine development and sustainability, H. F. Meyer refers to the area of ​​research and development in the company. The construction department, together with the project managers and specialists from production, has a Machine designed for a large German dairy and built, which can still reuse usable, faultless residual products in compliance with hygiene standards. This is unique!

Saving resources has top priority. Whether LED lighting in the workshop and in the company building, digital Christmas cards, the introduction of a fully automatic coffee machine using ceramic cups, a paper-free office, the purchase of electric / hybrid cars or the production of our ballpoint pens from recycled plastic, the HF Meyer group of companies does everything to develop further in the area of ​​sustainability.

It is carefully checked whether on-site meetings are necessary. The company does not forego direct customer contact, the experts are of course on site with the customer if necessary. For environmental reasons, H. F. Meyer is increasingly relying on – also within the company in the exchange between the South and North locations Video meetings. Whether in customer acquisition, consulting or service activities, H. F. Meyer is still 100% there for customers online.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!