HYJET or HYION Can Rinser

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HYJET or HYION Can Rinser

The HYJET / HYION Can Rinser is a tried-and-tested system made of stainless steel in a flexible modular design and can be used universally for cleaning with media such as disinfection media, water (HYJET) or ionized air (HYION) (further on request). For the cleaning process, the cans are fed to the water can rinser or ionized air can rinser head via a transport system, rotated therein and then cleaned in the channel with the respective cleaning medium. They are then turned back via an outlet head and handed over to a downstream can transport system. In general, two rinser systems can be selected, which differ mainly in the inlet and outlet heads. While an exchange of the inlet and outlet head is necessary for the cage rinser per can format, the format adjustment can be carried out within the inlet head and the rinser channel with the block rinser, which means that no conversion is necessary.

Advantages of our High-Quality Rinsers

The HYJET / HYION Can Rinser impresses with its simple operation and generous access during conversion and maintenance work. With up to 120,000 products/h, the Rinser also has a very high cleaning performance and can be used for all common can sizes and types made of steel, plastic and aluminum thanks to a flexible height adjustment. Further advantages of the HYJET / HYION Rinser are the hygiene design with a consistent protection concept and the safety concept with immediate stop. With the HYJET water rinser there are also the options to integrate a tank with pump and filter, whereby the water can be reused either for the rinser itself or for other purposes, such as can shower.

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