Dead-End Filtration
Dead-End Filtration
HFM Filtration

Dead-End Filtration

With dead-end filtration, a contaminated fluid is pumped against the module at low pressure. A filter cake accumulates from the solid particles to be separated. The retained particles are rinsed out cyclically by means of backwashing.

Due to the high retention capacity of the membrane, the permeate is almost free of sediments.

Technical specifications

  • Chemical resistance pH 2-11
  • Large filter area per unit
  • Can be used in the ultrafiltration area
  • Automatic backwash
  • Automatic CiP basic and acidic
  • Constantly high filtration quality and flow
  • Siemens control
  • Application: automotive industry, food industry, machining industry (ECM, EDM)


  • Leakage sensor
  • Leakage tub
  • Stainless steel frame
  • VPN
  • Expandable modules

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