Customized Machines from H.F. Meyer Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering company H. F. Meyer Mechanical Engineering has been a long-term partner for companies in the food and beverage industry, as well as for other sectors such as the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and tire industries. Experienced mechanical engineers and designers develop systems and machines backed up by decades of experience. Unlike other companies, H. F. Meyer Mechanical Engineering is not a mechanical engineering company that offers standard products – almost every product is tailored according to the requirements of the customer.

Buy High-Quality Machinery: 100% Tailor-Made, 100% Made in Germany

As a result of the merger with RST Automation Technology GmbH in 2018, the product portfolio of the merged mechanical engineering company has expanded so that we can present our products to you in three independent product lines.

HYSEKAM Can Technology

The HYSEKAM Can Technology includes all products that deal with the handling, i.e. turning, cleaning, conveying, discharging, etc. of cans.

HFM Special Engineering

In the field of HFM Special Engineering are all products that deal with a machine specially tailored to the customer. it covers the areas of automation, palletizing, depalletizing, conveyor technology and much more.

HFM Filtration

Our pioneering filtration products help us to protect our environment. Water is life and is indispensable for all of us!

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