HYTWIST Product Twister
HYTWIST Product Twister
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HYTWIST Product Twister

The Hytwist Product Twister or HYTWIST Full-Can Block and Cage Turner is a highly functional system that rotates closed full cans by means of back pressure by 180 degrees. The twister can be easily integrated into existing conveyor belts as a single- or multi-lane application. As a customer, you can choose between two HYTWIST product twisters (turners), depending on your existing line structure and services: the Block Turner 450 and the Cage Turner 1230.

Advantages of our Product Twister

Our product turners impress with their user-friendly design, which makes it easy to clean the machine. They can be used in many different ways in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries and are the most economical and inexpensive solutions for turning cans. Another advantage of the can turner is that they are 100% reproducible thanks to machine-controlled production. The can turner is basically available for all commercially available can sizes, whereby it should be noted that one can turner is required for each can size.

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