HYROPE Rope Conveyor
HYROPE Rope Conveyor
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HYROPE Rope Conveyor

HYROPE Rope Conveyor is a product for transporting empty cans (max. 120,000 cans/h) in various variations. HYROPE can bridge different distances between connecting systems. For example, between a separating conveyor (after the depaletter) and a rinser. In addition, various inclinations of rope transport can be installed. Rope transport is a tried-and-tested transport system in modular design based on a stainless steel basic construction.

Universally Applicable Rope Conveyor

The HYROPE Rope Conveyor is flexible and universal for any configuration, even at high altitudes. It transports beverage and food cans in all usual sizes made of aluminium, sheet metal and plastic.

Technical Data of the HYROPE Rope Conveyor

  • Base frame made of stainless steel with plastic slide rails
  • Plastic transport rope with Kevlar core
  • Speed ​​setting by means of a frequency converter (central or decentral)
  • Pedestals, ceiling suspensions or wall brackets
  • Processing of beverage cans in all common dimensions (larger volumes on request)
  • Can be used in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries

Options for the HYROPE Rope Conveyor

  • Container guide / guide rail pneumatically adjustable for different can diameters
  • Transparent covers
  • Discharge for fallen cans
  • Control cabinet with PLC control, sensors etc.
  • Electric control

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