HYFLEX Fully Automatic Can Twister
Fully Automatic Twister: The HYFLEX Can Twister
HYSEKAM Can Technology

HYFLEX Fully Automatic Can Twister

The HYFLEX Fully Automatic Can Twister is a tried and tested system in flexible modular construction made of stainless steel. The HYFLEX turner enables simple operation and generous access during conversion and maintenance work.

Advantages of the HYFLEX Can Twister

The advantages of the HYFLEX Can Turner are the high conveying capacity (depending on the container size and type), the consistent protection concept for hygiene design and an extremely product-friendly container conveying. The HYFLEX Can Turner transports all types and sizes of aluminum, steel and plastic that are common in the beverage industry.

Technical Data of the HYFLEX Can Twister

  • Safety light barrier over the length of the machine on the operating side and non-operating side
  • Motors: Energy-efficient SEW MOVIEGEAR® drives
  • High-tech turning chain with extra wide container support
  • Closed machine guard with service doors on both sides
  • Infinitely variable adjustment of the turning chain for a harmonious turning process
  • Integrated chain tension
  • When the doors are opened, the conveyor stops immediately
  • Suitable for processing all standard can sizes made of steel, aluminum and plastic – processing of PET, glass and other containers possible on request
  • Can be used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries

Options for the HYFLEX Can Twister

  • Different versions
    • Up to max. 80,000 cph
    • Up to max. 144,000 cph
  • Electric control

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