Automatic depalletizer

Automatic depalletizer

The automatic depalletizer depalletizes almost all cylindrical and square empty containers such as beverage cans, food cans, bottles (glass). The fully automatic depalletizer system is suitable up to a capacity of 48,000 cph. Thanks to the modular and flexible design, the degree of automation can be adapted to customer requirements.

Technical data of our automatic depalletizer

  • Types of containers: cans and bottles (after checking the containers and intermediate layers)
  • Performance range up to 48,000 cph, 6 meter feed table and multi-lane separation with oscillating guide
  • Executions:

    • Pushing off only linearly on the loading table is possible
    • Feed table 6.0m (width approx.1,200mm)
    • multi-lane separation (approx. 5 m), left, right and linear installation
  • Pallet change approx. 20 – 40 seconds (depending on the push-off height)
  • Buffer area depends on the line output (Ø66 approx. 250 cans / m²)
  • Depalletizing shaft in painted design, including control cabinet and control
  • Base frame: approx. 1,800 mm wide x 2,300 mm long
  • Push-off height: 3,000 mm, total height: approx. 4,250 mm
  • Push-off height: 3,500 mm, total height: approx. 4,750 mm
  • Push-off height: 4,000 mm, total height: approx. 5,250 mm
  • Other push-off heights on request
  • Pallet chain conveyor (wrapping, provision, lifting shaft) + 300mm
  • Run-out runway behind the shaft
  • Shaft for intermediate layers: Above the provision at push-off height
  • Automatic interlayer removal using negative pressure
  • Upper pusher frame adjustable by hand in stainless steel
  • Hoist: Electromechanical chain lift
  • Pusher: Electromechanical chain drive
  • Cover frame removal: manually – on the defolishing station
  • Access protection: Depalletization shaft in the inlet area with protective fence and light strip monitoring
  • Platform with stairs
  • Pallet sizes: min. 1200 mm long x 1000 mm wide; Max. 1420 mm long x 1250 mm wide
  • Electrical control according to MEYER standard

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