Spiral Conveyor
Spiral conveyor from HFM Special Engineering
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Spiral Conveyor

The Spiral Conveyor is used e.g. in the bakery industry as a cooling section for freshly baked bread between the oven and packaging. With its modular plastic chain, it can handle the tasks of a bulk elevator and a cooling section (passive cooling) at the same time and offers all the advantages of a modern chain conveyor.

Spiral Conveyor Applicable in the Food Industry

Our Spiral Conveyor is designed for use in the food industry but is suitable for almost all products. The conveyor enables height differences to be overcome and can also be used as a buffer.

Technical Data of our Spiral Conveyor

  • Conveyor (chain) lengths of 250 m and more (depending on the product)
  • Can be used in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries

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