Bottle Rinser

Bottle Rinser / Chain Clamp Rinser for Bottle Cleaning

Our chain clamp rinser for bottle cleaning (bottle rinser) is a tried and trusted machine in the food and beverage industry – it effectively rinses glasses, bottles, and containers, etc. with the use of water or air.
Our high-speed bottle cleaning machine is designed to rinse all kinds of bottles. It is suitable as
a wine bottle rinser, beer bottle rinser, water glass bottle rinser and can work as an overall multi-bottle rinsing machine.

For the cleaning process, the bottles are gripped by a clamping jaw conveyor, rotated 180 degrees, and are fed to the bottle rinser or blow-out zone.

The containers can then drip off or the loosened particles can fall out. The containers are then turned back and transferred to a downstream transport system.

Additives can also be added to the rinsing medium, for example, to have a germ-reducing effect.

Technical Data of our Bottle Rinser / Bottle Cleaning Machine

  • Stable stainless steel construction
  • Machine housing made of stainless steel sheet / PETG with maintenance doors
  • Fixed water/air nozzle strips
  • Water or compressed air connection
  • Easy to clean and hygienic design
  • Rinsing and draining path up to 10 m
  • Output up to 80,000 containers / hour
  • Integration into single-lane conveyor systems
  • Geometrically different clamping jaw conveyor systems
  • Central, step-less width and clamping force adjustment by means of a handwheel
  • Extremely gentle conveying through careful clamping process
  • Quiet transport
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Tried and tested low-interference system

Options for our Bottle Rinser / Bottle Cleaning Machine

  • Filter systems
  • Water tanks with/without pump system
  • Air and suction systems (side channel blowers, fans, etc.)
  • Blowing out with ionized air
  • Wear-reducing, revolving guide pulleys in the curves
  • Central lubrication system for the drag chain
  • Height adjustment
  • Infeed and outfeed belts
  • Electromotive width and/or height adjustment for the clamping jaw conveyor
  • Sensor technology and PLC control

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