Motor assisted pushers

Motor assisted pushers

The motor-assisted pusher can depalletize cans and bottles with a capacity of up to 36,000 cph. The introduction of the can pallet into the shaft and the pushing off is supported by a motor. The operator removes the intermediate layers manually. Due to the modular structure of the machine, various options such as a second pallet format can be integrated.

Technical data of our depalletizer

  • Types of containers: cans and bottles (after checking the containers and intermediate layers)
  • Performance range up to 36,000 cph, 4.5 meter feed table and multi-lane separation with oscillating guide
  • Executions:
    • Pushing off only linearly on the loading table is possible
    • With feed table 4.5 m (width approx.1,200mm)
    • Multi-lane separation (approx. 5 m), left, right and linear installation
  • Default time for pallet change 1.5 minutes / buffer time
  • Buffer area depends on the line output (Ø66 approx. 250 cans / m²)
  • Depalletizing shaft in painted design, including control cabinet and control
  • Base frame: approx. 2,150 mm wide x 1,500 mm long
  • Total shaft height: approx. 4,600 mm
  • Push-off height: 3,480 mm
  • Shaft for intermediate layers: approx. 1550mm wide x 200mm long x 2.750mm high
  • Feeding of the pallets via gravity roller conveyor
  • Chain conveyors are also possible as an option and after checking
  • Interlayer removal: manually
  • Hoist: Electromechanical chain lift
  • Pusher: Electromechanical pusher bar
  • Cover frame removal: manually – in front of the shaft
  • Access protection: depalletizing shaft above door with safety switch
  • Platform with stairs including platform for cover frame removal
  • Pallet sizes: max. 1420 mm long x 1250 mm wide
  • Electrical control according to MEYER standard


  • Intermediate layer shaft on the platform with manual emptying
  • Second pallet format possible after examination

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