HFM Filtration

Our pioneering filtration products help us to protect our environment. Water is life and is indispensable for all of us! Because of this, it is critical to treat this resource carefully.

Our pioneering systems are characterized by user-friendly operation, automated cleaning processes and consumption-free designs.

The patented devices run 24/7 and have been in use worldwide for decades. From the first technical advice to your individual filtration system, you will receive everything from us, your single source:

  • Cross-Flow Filtration
  • Dead-End Filtration
  • Fine particle glass filtration
  • Performance Filtration
  • Service, maintenance, spare parts and consumable supplies

In this area, our mechanical engineering company is a leading, qualified and global partner in the food and beverage industry.

HFM filtrations

Cross-Flow Filtration

The ceramic membrane ensures effective filter performance, which has a positive effect on the overall performance and efficiency of the machines.

Dead-End Filtration

With dead-end filtration, a contaminated fluid is pumped against the module at low pressure. A filter cake accumulates from the solid particles to be separated. 

Fine Particle Glass Filtration

The ultra-fine filter system achieves a consistently high filtration quality thanks to a homogeneous filter structure. The filter material works against blockages in the filter module, even when machining aluminum.

Performance Filtration

The high-performance filter system works with 60 filter discs in one
high quality, chemically resistant housing made of polypropylene.

Spare Parts & Consumable Supplies

We would be happy to make you a suitable offer for your filter system.
Individual maintenance and training packages on request.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!