Cap Conveying System Without Orientation in Mass Transport
Mass transport: Lock conveyor system without orientation
Cap Conveying System

Cap Conveying System Without Orientation in Mass Transport

The Cap Conveying System is used to convey closures – mostly in bulk transport. The locking conveyor system without orientation can be filled in different ways. The closures are brought to the required height via a vertical or horizontal conveyor and then fed to the filler or closer. The cap conveying system without orientation processes all common types of closure (screw caps, crown corks, etc. ). Thanks to the modular and flexible design, the degree of automation can be adapted to customer requirements.

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Technical Data of our Cap Conveyor System (Mass Transport)

  • Output of up to 90,000 closures/hour
  • Filling – manually, lattice boxes or octabin containers
  • Drive – head or center drive
  • Emptying – on both sides
  • Conveying – horizontally and at an angle
  • Transport via a belt or modular chain
  • Can be used in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries

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