HFM Special Engineering


In the food and beverage industry, packaging consists mostly of cans and bottles and is primarily delivered and returned in the form of pallets. This form of transport makes it possible for many goods to arrive at their destination at once in a sorted and orderly manner. Palletizers and depalletizers are used for optimal handling of these pallets. With the help of various depalletizers and palletizers, it is possible to unpack the cans and bottles and, after filling and labeling, they can be neatly packed on layers again. These palletizing and depalletizing systems are offered by H. F. Meyer Maschinenbau under the product line HFM Sondermaschinenbau.

As standard, a palletizer has a palletizing shaft with a chain conveyor, an operating platform, an area for the intermediate layers, an empty pallet and a full pallet transport as well as a specially programmed and built-in PLC control.

As standard, the depalletizer has a supplier, a depalletizing shaft with chain conveyor, an operating platform (optionally a defolishing platform), a shaft for the intermediate layers as well as the PLC control and the connected conveyor technology in the form of a loading and separating table.

The palletizers and depalletizers can be adapted to the required length, height and route depending on the infrastructure and local conditions in the customer’s production.

Vacuum Depalletizer

The vacuum depalletizer depalletizes with vacuum technology. The special function of the vacuum depalletizer is that the depalletizer can automatically sort out deformed or damaged cans or bottles / glasses while lifting through the self-made vacuum.

Depalletizer with Variable Deportation Height

The Depalletizer with Variable Deportation Height enables the individual selection of the deportation height independent of given pallet size.

Microbrewery Depalletizer

Manual hand pusher

Motor assisted pushers

Automatic depalletizer

Fully automatic depalletizer with pallet stacking magazine and cover frame removal

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