Vacuum Depalletizer
Vacuum Depalletizer

Vacuum Depalletizer

The Vacuum Depalletizer depalletizes the layer independently using vacuum technology. The Vacuum Depalletizer is specially designed to automatically sort out damaged and overturned cans, bottles and jars through the vacuum created when they are lifted. The vacuum depalletizer also offers pressure-free separation and conveying of cans, bottles and jars.

Depalletizer With A Modular And Flexible Design

The Vacuum Depalletizer is suitable for low and medium outputs (up to approx. 50,000 containers/hour). Thanks to the modular and flexible design, the degree of automation can be adapted to customer requirements.

Technical Data of our Vacuum Depalletizer

  • Control in PLC technology
  • Can be used in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries

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