Twister with quick release device for HYJET Rinser

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HYTRANS Single-Track Vacuum Bridge

The Single-Track Vacuum Bridge is a fully automatic can converter for empty can coding and coding inspection. Like the Mass Vacuum Bridge, the Single-track Vacuum Bridge is a modular system made of stainless steel. It is a closed vacuum unit that has a large service door and is lined to reduce noise. Coarse and fine filter units are integrated in the Single-track Vacuum Bridge, which can be changed quickly and easily, thanks to a removable housing cover with quick release.

Technical Data of the Single-track Vacuum Bridge

  • The vacuum bridge has an all-round mat chain with holes, an automatic gravity chain tensioner and a chain tension indicator
  • The height of the vacuum bridge can be adjusted semi-automatically using the hand wheel or fully automatically
  • Easy to clean, hygienic design
  • Integrated filter unit: coarse filter / filter class G4, fine filter / filter class F5 / M5
  • Fast filter change ensured by removable housing cover with quick release
  • Modular modular system in stainless steel
  • Applicable in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries