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HYTWIST Product Twister

The HYTWIST Product Twister can be used for the 180° turn of full and closed beverage cans and be integrated as single or multiple line insertion into existing conveyor belts. One advantage is the continuous can twisting in the running production by 180°.

HYTWIST product twister: user friendly and proven in practice

For the twisting of common cans in the food and beverage industry the HYTWIST Inline twisting station is the most economic and good value solution. In addition, the product twister is very user friendly and proven in practice and the removable top is easy to clean.

The HYTWIST product twister conveys beverage and food cans in all common sizes out of aluminum, steel and plastic and does not need any modifications or format changes.

Technical data of our HYTWIST product twister
  • High-quality and abrasion resistant special plastic with removable top
  • Directly mounted on conveyor
  • Single and multiple line insertion
  • Can diameter: 53 to 86 mm
  • Can height: 88 to 205 mm
  • Possible to have special editions for different container formats