Online consulting appointments in Corona times H. F. Meyer Maschinenbau always finds a solution!


Good morning dear partner, customer and prospect

The Coronavirus also poses major challenges for the manufacturing industry. Employees are sent home, orders and appointments are canceled. Nevertheless, many productions continue – and right now it is important that these productions run without problems, disruptions and with secure supply chains!

Your health and that of our employees are very important to us!

Our contingency plan has been successfully in use for more than 3 months. It is used to ensure the production and compliance with delivery deadlines as well as the protection of our employees and our customers. Currently, our supply chains are completely on track and your orders are delivered on time.

In order to be able to provide you with the best possible advice and delivery despite the current situation, we have decided to offer free virtual consultations via videoconference as an alternative to on-site visits.

What do you get from a virtual consultation?

–     Whether challenges in the field of depalletizing technology, rinsers, vacuum bridges, can-changers, simply a check, or optimization etc. – our experts are always there for you to discuss individualized solutions for you. This is of course free of charge via video meeting.

–     If your internal data protection regulations allow it, it is even possible to remotely diagnose machines and eliminate interference via video.
–     We protect your health just like our employees – successful cooperation is possible even at a safe distance!

–     We can offer you consistent high-quality advice. We always find a solution – despite or perhaps because of Corona.

–     Appointments are also possible spontaneously and according to urgent needs, as long journeys are not necessary.

For the video meeting, we use the web-based, data protection-compliant tool “TEAMS”.

Do you want to make good use of the time of the “Corona-Pause” and analyze the weaknesses of your production with us? Super!

Just answer this email directly or call us on +49 4561 39 55 61 to book your free virtual consultation with one of our experts. Of course, our “traditional” communication channels still work perfectly: they continue to reach us by mail, fax and telephone as usual.

What else can we do for you?

Depalettiers, rinsers, inspection and testing systems, plant optimization and maintenance, validation of lines and components, planning new investments, or a retrofit to make existing lines more efficient for the future?

We support you with adept service & advice about your consistent production!

Wolfgang Dietrich

Chief Sales Officer

Phone: +49 (0)4561 / 3955-61
Mobile: +49 (0)151 / 15864707