HFM Sondermaschinenbau: Chain drive for a palletizer

HFM-Special Engineering

The HFM SPECIAL ENGINEERING product line includes - as the name implies - a focus on special purpose machine construction. This area is the original core business of H. F. Meyer and looks back on a long tradition. The design office in Neustadt in Holstein is designed to develop new and innovative special machinery and special purpose machines in Germany or to develop existing concepts around the new challenges of customers. Special machinery and special purpose machines are not off-the-peg products, but are individually adapted to the conditions in the customer's production facilities.

Traditional and individual special engineering in Germany

In the field of HFM special purpose machines, H. F. Meyer Maschinenbau tries to standardize individual elements or to offer the customer a modular system in such a way that they can choose from the individual variants and then end up with an individual system consisting of standard modules. This is the case for example with the closure conveyor systems. Here, the customer can decide whether he wants to fill the closures by octabin container, grid box or manually.

Likewise, the mechanical engineering is aimed at palletizers and depalletizers according to the particular conditions in the production halls or according to the desired degree of technical equipment of the plant, such as manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic control. The products in the range of the conveyor technology, the special equipment or the tire technology are also individualized special purpose machines from Germany.

Individual products of HFM SPECIAL ENGINEERING in Germany

Find below more information about the individual products we offer as mechanical engineering company and feel free to contact us or our sales colleagues if you have any further questions.


Turn station: Product from H. F. Meyer Maschinenbau

Conveying Technology

Autoclave cage loader and unloader from Meyer Maschinenbau

Palletizer and Depalletizer

Cap conveying system mass transport: HFM Sondermaschinenbau

Cap Conveying System

Neck­sterilizer: Product from HFM Sondermaschinenbau


Turn table: Product from HFM Sondermaschinenbau

Special Equipment

HFM Sondermaschinenbau: Bead lubricator for the tire industry

Tire Technology