Twister with quick release device for HYJET Rinser

HYSEKAM - Cans Technology


The HYJET or HYION Rinser sets hygiene first. The Rinser is a proven in practice system made of stainless steel and a flexible modular set up and is universally usable for all media such as cold water, disinfection (HYJET), ionized air (HYION) or with another filling product. The advantages of the HYJET or HYION are the simple handling and the large flexibility for conversion and maintenance times.

Rewards of the HYJET or HYION Rinser

The rewards of the HYJET or HYION Rinser are the high cleaning capacity (dependent on the container size and type), the continuous protection concept in the hygienic design and the continuous security concept with an immediate stop. The height adjustment is semi-automatic and the diameter adjustment pneumatic. The HYJET or HYION Rinser is flexible for all common cans and different containers made of glass and PET in the beverage industry.

Technical data of our HYJET or HYION Rinser
  • Infeed twister no. 1 = 90°
  • Infeed twister no. 2 = 45°
  • Semi-automatic (pneumatic and manual) adjustable guide for height adjustment
  • Pneumatic guide for diameter adjustment
  • Discharge twister no. 1 = 45°
  • Discharge twister no. 2 = 90°
  • PETG cover for easy access to the rinser on its complete length
  • Execution in stainless steel and covers in PETG transparent
  • Different can sizes with only one set of twisters and one rinser channel
  • Tank with pump for reuse of the water for another purpose, like can showering or pasteurizing or for reuse the water for rinsing
  • Gears: energy-efficient SEW MOVIEGEAR® gears
  • Capacity range: 0,15 l to 1,0 l